Shugar Soapworks…

It isn’t often that we come across a product that is excellently crafted with a uncommon sense of purpose.

Shugar Soapworks produces arguably the finest bars of soap this side of the Mississippi – it is the only soap factory in the Western US. And is crafted with 100% vegetable ingredients, enriched with natural flavors and uses no plastic packaging.

Shugar Soapworks started from a strong belief that vegetable derived and eco-friendly bath and body products should work as well (if not better) than conventional products. Dan Shugar, founder of Shugar Soapworks, set out to create products that are healthy, scented naturally, and were unbeatable in quality.

Shugar Soapworks believes in both quality and the environment. Theu use only 100% biodegradable soaps and recyclable packaging. But don’t think they skim on quality. For Shugar Soapworks, the packaging is not secondary, but goes hand-in-hand in the overall experience. Their one-of-a-kind keepsake boxes tell a story of exquisite beauty and delicacy. Sticking to the basics, Shugar products are free of animal fat, animal byproducts, harmful chemicals and excessive artificial fragrances. They keep their products simple yet luxurious.

And here is one of the nicer reviews I read about Shugar Soap…

And more on their amazing American survival  and success story

Enjoy a great bar of soap, support Shugar Soapworks, and Lariat USA by buying from our Amazon affiliate links.

Shugar Soapworks Oatmeal and Coconut Soap 7oz

Soapworks Pure Vegetable Soap 7 Oz Each Bar (Cotton Blossom, 1)

Venezia Soapworks Pure Vegetable Soap, Lemon Verbena, 7 Oz (Pack of 4)

Venezia Soapworks Pure Vegetable Soap, Honey Almond, 7 Oz (Pack of 4)

Cucumber Melon Moisturizing Soap Extra Large 7 oz

Soapworks Pure Vegetable Soap 7 Oz Each Bar (Verbena & Oatmeal Soap, 12)

Coconut Milk Moisturizing Soap Extra Large 7 oz.

All Natural Shugar Soapworks Oatmeal & Cranberry Soap Made in USA 7 oz Bar 4 Pack

4 Bar Set Venezia Soapworks Pure Vegetable Soap Lavander & Vanilla 7. Oz Each Bar


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