Schaefer – America’s Finest Ranchwear


I search everywhere I can to find authentic American made products. And nothing is more authentically American than Western and ranch gear.

A lot of manufacturers who claim to be the real thing but aren’t.

Schaefer is the real thing.


Each Schaefer Outfitter garment is proudly American made in their family owned and operated factory, which means they design, engineer, cut, sew and inspect each and every garment featured in the product line. In fact, Schaefer is one of the last full line apparel manufacturers left in the USA. They not only produce American made garments, but firmly stand behind purchasing American made raw materials right down to thread, snaps and labels. The result of your support is not only heart felt to their small company and its employees, but to the hundreds of folks from coast to coast in the textile industry who provide the finest raw materials possible. Thank you for supporting American made products.

Schaefer Cattle Baron Vest

Schaefer Mesquite Vest – Size Large Suntan

Schaefer The Cheyenne Ladies Vest – Size X-Large Red

Schaefer Cattle Baron Vest

Cattle Baron Drifter


copyright – all images belong to Schaefer and I am reproducing it here only to send interested folks to their awesome site and to their products on Amazon.

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