Big Plush – Giant Stuffed Animals

You just HAVE to SEE THIS enormous, gigantic, larger-than-life, BRAND NEW, premium quality, plush giant stuffed Teddy Bear IN PERSON – made by Big Plush!!! T


his is truly an AWESOME, SUPER-HUGE, STUNNING and TRADITIONAL LOOKING stuffed Plush Bear. The outside is made of premium soft fabric. It is stuffed on the inside with 100% premium soft polyester, so it has a nice, soft feel to the touch. You will LOVE it!

9-foot-teddy-bear-golden-brown-made-in-usa-buigplush-dot-com_16__52993-1471735176-1280-1280Quality-made in the USA with premium fabric and craftsmanship and great ATTENTION TO DETAIL. Real QUALITY. This is SURE to bring a SMILE to someone’s face! And they sure will remember YOU for giving such a great gift! Measures: 108 inches tall, (measured while it is STANDING UP – from the tip of it’s feet up to tip of it’s ears) **THAT’S A STAGGERING 9 FEET TALL! Absolutely HUGE! and 66-inches tall, (measured while it is SITTING DOWN – from it’s rump up to the tip of it’s ears). **THAT’S A GIGANTIC 5 and a HALF FEET TALL… while SITTING DOWN)! THIS is a BIG BOY! This awe-inspiring, fantastic GIGANTIC stuffed Teddy Bear conforms to all child safety standards. Kids and adults alike will LOVE this real-looking LIFE SIZE BEAR.

Not all animals by Big Plush are made in the US. But we selected these American Made toys from their store on Amazon. Click these links to browse and buy. Support Big Plush, Support American Made products and Support


American Made Huge Stuffed Saint Bernard 60 Inches Soft 5 Foot Big Plush Dog New

Big Plush 7 Foot Giant Stuffed Bunny 84 Inch Soft White American Made Stuffed Rabbit

American Made Giant Stuffed Hamster 33 inch Soft Plush Animal

American Made Giant Stuffed Brown Panda 68 Inch Soft Teddy Bear Heart on Chest

American Made Life Size Stuffed Saint Bernard 38 Inch Soft Big Plush Dog Whimsical Pooch

American Made Giant Stuffed Snake 18 Feet Long Big Plush Beige Serpent Made in USA

American Made Giant Stuffed Bunny White Soft 42 Inch Big Plush Rabbit

American Made 5 Foot Giant Stuffed Dog 60 inch Soft Big Plush Stuffed Animal

American Made Jumbo Stuffed Dalmatian 33 Inch Soft Big Plush Fire Dog

American Made Giant Stuffed Panda 32 Inch Huge Soft Plush Bear Made in USA America

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