Bluer Denim … Buy one, Give One

I couldn’t help but look at Bluer Denim‘s promo shoot and just want to be young again. Just one of those rare moments when the rush of youth, memories and mood all come together.

This was one awesome idea when it was pitched on Kickstarter. And it is one awesome company now.

With an all-American sourcing and construction policy, they are bringing great quality and the most authentic materials available to you at an affordable price.

They are creating a new era for working craftsmen. We respect the hard-working spirit that the people of this nation put into everything they do—we put that same spirit into all of our clothes.

The cotton is grown in Battleboro, Georgia. The denim is woven in Greensboro, North Carolina. The jeans are designed in Portland Oregon. And handmade in Los Angeles.

Read their full story here – including the buy one, give one offer.

The one minus is no plus. Meaning their waist sizes for men stop at 38 and their jacket sizes stop at L. Perfect for someone who fits in that stuff 🙂

In any case, do support this fine American company and their made and sourced in the USA product by buying from their store. 




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