Simplicity Sofas

Simplicity Sofas opened its factory in 2007, two weeks before the U.S. officially entered the Recession. During their first four years 40% of all American furniture manufacturers closed their doors. Although some of the larger companies are beginning to make more furniture in the U.S. over the past few years, hundreds of smaller manufacturers were gone forever.

Simplicity Sofas survived because they make a unique type of furniture that cannot be found anywhere else in the world — high end seating that fits through narrow doors and stairways where other furniture cannot go. Everything shown in the photos fits through 15″ width doors and stairways. (Most high end sofas require at least 32″ to fit through a doorway.)


All of their furniture is custom built, hand-crafted one piece at a time using locally sourced materials including solid oak frames.

In fact per our email exchange with Jeff Frank, their hard working President, Simplicity Sofas is 100% designed and manufactured in High Point, North Carolina.

They build their own solid oak frames and cushions. The vast majority of their materials are locally sourced. The only exceptions are sleeper mechanisms, some of their wood legs and some of their fabrics.

When they began 12 years ago 100% of their fabrics were sourced from overseas mills. Currently, more than 50% of the fabrics proudly carry the Made in America mark and they are continually adding new ones. They have not added an imported fabric in the past two years.

We unhesitatingly encourage you to visit their site at


Team Lariat

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