Swoon Swimwear

Swoon Swimwear was inspired by my Kristy Kleist’s experience of falling in love and getting married. She wanted to create a line of quality swimwear that played off of the whimsy and romance of falling in love–of daydreaming about the beach and packing for a passionate getaway. And just like the foundation of a budding relationship, she wanted her line to be built on strong values. She wanted to feel good about every single part of the process, and wanted the garments to be built to last. She wanted to make something that was beautiful, thoughtful and meaningful.

They make ethically-sourced, superior quality swimwear that will last. Swoon Swimwear keeps jobs in America, and sells directly to consumers at an honest, affordable price. Swoon Swimwear is Kristy’s American Dream realized, and she is proud to know that everyone who wears a Swoon Swimsuit can feel as great about it as she does.

We strongly encourage you to visit their site http://www.swoonswimwear.com


Team Lariat

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